The Salcedo Family

Janice and Bill married in Chicago, and moved to Pembroke Pines Florida in 2001 in order for Bill to attend his 2-year podiatric residency.

The Salcedo’s vision was to move to Port St. Lucie to open their own podiatry practice, which actually happened in 2003.

The Salcedo’s have two children, Jason, 23 and Lauren, 20 who both have spent time working in the office over the years. The family motto in which they live by is “Yes I can…I believe in myself… There is nothing I can’t do.”

The children have grown up around Podiatry, but neither of them is following in their father’s footsteps.

Jason has already received his Associate’s degree in Journalism from IRSC and is now trying to discover how to combine his passion for writing within our technological world. He has taken IT classes at IRSC, is currently pursuing a Google IT Support Professional Certificate and will be transferring to Colorado State University in June 2018.

Lauren has completed her Associate’s degree from Santa Fe College in Gainesville and is now attending the Interior Design Program at IRSC. She loves all things design and planning on completing an internship program once she is done with her program.

Nala, the lab mix is 8 years old and has had to get used to his new sisters, golden retrievers Bella and Riley. Bella and Riley are now 3 years old.

The entire family is conscious of nutrition and exercise as it pertains to a healthy body and healthy mind. Dr. Salcedo is an avid runner and has competed in many marathons over the years. He enjoys competition and keeping active. He is a member of TCRunning here on the Treasure Coast.